Subsidy for infertility treatment

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Expensive fertility treatments are frequently only partially covered by health insurance; however, there is a possibility of obtaining state support. On this page, you can explore the details regarding eligibility and the application process for receiving this support. Submit your application conveniently and swiftly through our digital platform.
The eligibility criteria for receiving a subsidy are contingent upon your primary place of residence. As of November 2023, the digital application is available for residents of Bremen, Rhineland-Palatinate, and Saxony-Anhalt on this page. If you reside in another federal state, kindly refer to your respective state's information platform for further guidance.

Bremen, Rhineland-Palatinate and Saxony-Anhalt will cover part of the costs incurred for your planned fertility treatment. You can also receive a grant from the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs. 
Before you carry out the verification check linked below or apply for subsidy, please note the state-specific information further down on this page. 
Would you like to find out which documents you need to apply for subsidy? 

Verification check  

Have you already checked your eligibility for subsidy?
You can submit your online application directly here. 

Apply for subsidy

How to get your subsidy

  • Check requirements

    Please first check whether you are eligible for financial assistance. If you have any questions, please contact your subsidy agency.

    Please note that you cannot have started treatment before your subsidy has been approved.

    Can we get subsidy?

  • Collect evidence

    Please obtain the necessary documents to submit with your application.

    What evidence do we need for a subsidy application? 

  • Fill out and submit your subsidy application

    Apply for subsidy via the Kinderwunsch Online online service.

    Apply for subsidy

  • Submitting additional documents for the subsidy application

    If you have already submitted a subsidy application and would like to submit additional documents, you can do this conveniently and securely using the "Submit documents" function. 

    Submit additional documents for the subsidy application

  • Receive notification and start treatment

    If you meet all the requirements, the state of Bremen will probably approve your application. Your fertility treatment can start once you have received positive feedback from your subsidy body.

  • Keep receipts and collect proof of payment

    It is important that you collect all receipts for processing so that the state of Bremen can reimburse you through the grant. Find out here which receipts you need for the application for payment.

    What evidence do we need for a subsidy application?

  • Complete the payout application, upload and submit payment receipts

    Once your treatment has been completed, please apply to your subsidy agency for reimbursement. To do so, upload and submit all your receipts. To do this, upload all receipts and submit them.

    Payout request

  • Submitting additional documents for the payout request

    If you have already submitted a payout request and want to submit additional documents, you can do this easily and securely using the "Submit documents" function. 

    Submit additional documents for the payout request

  • Receive payment

    Once you have submitted the application and all supporting documents for the state of Bremen to pay you the grant, you will receive written confirmation. The grant will be transferred to you.

State-specific information


Your responsible subsidy agency:

Freie Hansestadt Bremen

Die Senatorin für Gesundheit, Frauen und Verbraucherschutz
Referat 43
Ärztliche Fragen im Gesundheitswesen, Infektionsschutz, öffentlicher Gesundheitsdienst
Contrescarpe 72
28195 Bremen

Phone: +49 421 361-0

E-mail: contact form


Note: You would like to apply for a grant for fertility treatment. To do so, you must have the "Declaration of the reproduction facility" form completed and signed by your fertility clinic and attach it to this application as proof.
The form completed and signed by the clinic must be uploaded in this application as proof in order to be able to send the application. A corresponding upload option is provided in the application section.

Download form "Declaration of the reproduction clinic"

Your responsible subsidy agency:

Landesamt für Soziales, Jugend und Versorgung

Baedekerstr. 2-20
56073 Koblenz

•    +49 261/4041-277
•    +49 261/4041-315
•    +49 261/4041-77277
•    +49 261/4041-77315


E-mail: contact form


Your subsidy agency offers sample templates for the medical certificate of permanent cohabitation and the certificate of necessity. You can use these if the relevant evidence is required for your application. 

  • Medical certificate for permanent cohabitation
  • Certificate of necessity

Your responsible subsidy agency:


Landesjugendamt - Referat Familie und Frauen 
Ernst-Kamieth-Straße 2 
06112 Halle (Saale) 

Phone: +49 345 514-3541

Office hours: Tuesday and Thursday: 09:00-12:00 and 13:00-15:30  

Fax: +49 345 514-1719

E-mail: contact form